There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a labour hire company.

For example, you may need a company with specific industry expertise – which will ensure they have the capability to recruit for your specific industry. Another important factor is ease of operation – which is essential for a stress-free recruitment experience and satisfactory end result.

Using the right labour hire company will also ensure you receive the correct, well-trained and reliable employees for your organisation.
Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show a strong trend towards male workers in the labour hire field, with almost two thirds (61 per cent) of available staff being men. The figures showed the age profile of male and female labour hire workers were also quite different – with male labour hire workers having a younger age profile. For example, more than one third of males were aged 15 to 24 years, compared with only 9 per cent of the female labour hire workers (see table below). Similarly, a greater percentage of female labour hire workers were aged 45 to 59 years.

Of course, choosing the right employees can really help take your enterprise to the next level. But finding them can be the difficult part. It requires patience and attention to detail – and many businesses just don’t have the time to do it. This is where the assistance of a professional labour hire and recruitment service comes in handy. The perfect employees are out there – you just need to use the right strategies to find them.

To help choose the correct labour hire company, and guarantee you the correct candidate placements for your organisation, here are some handy selection guidelines:

1. Choose candidates who are available and ready
Top labour hire agencies such as RecruitWest already have a ready pool of interviewed and vetted applicants. This enables your organisation to ‘hit the ground running’ – ensuring your workers are reliable and appropriately matched for whichever position you require.

2. Ensure health and safety is already taken care of
A good labour hire company has already ensured your available employees have adequate training and adhere to the correct OH&S protocols on site. Candidates will also have the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and, where necessary, the correct industry induction before starting any position.

3. Provide regular contact and feedback
A quality labour hire company consistently seeks feedback for the candidates they place. This ensures each and every candidate is the ideal fit, for both you and your business. And, in the unlikely event something does not go as predicted, a good labour hire company will always make itself available to solve any such unforeseen problems.

4. Needs superior industry knowledge and expertise
A quality labour hire company should always have specific industry expertise. In understanding your industry, they should also understand your business and its daily challenges. This will result in better service and more satisfied clients.