Widely recognised as leaders in recruiting blue collar workers across Western Australia, RecruitWest’s expertise also extends to white collar recruitment services for the private and public sector in Perth.

Whether your business is after a permanent or temporary white collar team member, our professional recruiters are adept at finding just the right person to fill your office role.

Looking for a secretary, office manager, executive or team assistant to join your administration department? Trying to recruit a competent supervisor, specialist technician or project manager? RecruitWest’s leading recruitment personnel have the networks, databases and knowledge to find an exceptional candidate, no matter the industry your business is in.

With Western Australia’s skills shortage showing no signs of easing, attracting the right talent is more challenging than ever. However, when you bring in the experts, navigating the market is much simpler and that applies whether you need temp white collar recruitment services or permanent white collar recruitment services in Perth.

Industries we specialise in

Our team has a depth of experience in securing superior white collar candidates across a range of sectors and roles, including:

  • Mining engineers, technicians and geologists
  • Corporate positions
  • Food industry managers & buyers
  • Manufacturing industry managers & quality engineers
  • Construction industry directors, project managers, planning engineers, schedulers
  • Fast-moving consumer goods managers, schedulers, HR managers

As your business seeks to grow its specialised skillset or employ more people power to expand, having a professional recruitment partner on board brings crucial time and cost efficiencies.

More importantly, however, our targeted approach and tailored recruitment solutions bring you the best selection of candidates to choose from.


How RecruitWest works

When a business needs a new staff member, it can be difficult to find the time internally to do all the required planning that allows the best candidate to be sourced.

When working with our elite recruitment agency, we take over the key task of creating – and executing – a smart, targeted plan for finding that ‘perfect fit’ employee.

  • We first assess your needs and help you hone what you’re looking for in a candidate.
  • To meet your timeline, we progress to the sourcing and screening stage as soon as possible.
  • Sourcing involves combing our deep database, reaching out to our established networks and contacts, and actively seeking out professionals on various platforms who match what our client is looking for.
  • Interviews can be handled by our team or yours, or a combination of both. Our aim is bring the best of the best to you, reducing the time you spend considering candidates.
  • We ensure candidates are a good cultural fit for your company, on top of having the skills required.
  • Once a successful candidate is identified, we can handle contracts and negotiations on your behalf.

We can also help onboard your new white collar staff member, acting as an in-house HR department would. Our expert recruiters keep abreast of all relevant employment and workplace laws, providing essential advice and offering vital peace of mind for your business.

At RecruitWest, we know how critical it is to efficiently find the perfect professional.

So, don’t get snowed under by CVs. Instead, let our leading recruiters do the hiring, while you focus on what you do best.

RecruitWest. Your exceptional Perth white collar staffing partner.


White collar recruitment services Perth FAQsHow do I choose a good recruitment agency?

Q. How do I choose a good recruitment agency?

A. A great recruitment agency will have a proven track record in successfully placing ideal candidates and have experience in the industry you’re in – or access to a database with talent that fits what you’re after.

Q. What do you say to a recruitment agent?

A. Clear communication with your recruitment agency from the outset is paramount. They will be your partner, so don’t withhold key information that will help them find you the best candidate. Be honest and open to fast-track candidate sourcing success.

Q. How big is your talent database?

A. Our database is ever growing but currently includes more than 95,000 applicants and 15,000 registered candidates, so reach out to us today.