Keeping your team safe and your workplace compliant

The number of work-related accidents in Australia has shot up in recent years. Everyone deserves to go home at the end of the workday, and that’s why maintaining workplace health and safety (WHS) is more crucial than ever. Of course, it’s important to have robust WHS systems in place — however, not all systems fit all situations.

This is why clients across Perth trust our expert Workplace Health & Safety consultants. Leveraging their expertise lets you stay focused on operational excellence and delivering your business goals, with the peace of mind that your employees and infrastructure will remain safe.

Why engage with a WHS consultant

It begins with better workplace safety — but that’s just one of the benefits you can get from having one of our expert Perth based Workplace Health & Safety consultants on your side.

Stay compliant – With the introduction of new industrial relations (IR) laws, it’s now even more important for businesses to review and update their WHS procedures regularly. There is increased scrutiny and penalties if you’re found negligent in the event of an incident. Staying compliant helps protect your employees and minimises your risk of potentially costly fines, or worse, a lawsuit.

Increase productivity – As industry experts, our Workplace Health & Safety consultants can help you identify, assess and manage the strengths and deficits in your WHS systems, then assist you in making them more efficient and streamlined. Developing your WHS can result in fewer absentees, and happier, more satisfied workers.

Make more money – According to the research, organisations aiming to be more socially responsible through WHS practices see an average market value increase of 2%. There’s significant evidence that good worker health and well-being translate to better business performance. As they say, ‘good work is good for you’.

Create a safety culture – Normalise hazard identification and foster a culture of safety within your organisation, and you’ll encourage your employees to look out for themselves and their colleagues. Improving team communication and ownership of safe practices can create better morale and a deeper commitment to your business.

Meet your obligations – As an employer, you have a legal and ethical obligation to provide a safe work environment. Controlling risk management is everyone’s responsibility, from the top to the bottom of your organisational structure. We’ll ensure your business and senior leadership team are fulfilling their duties and adhering to all regulations so that your policies are both current and effective.

Our Workplace Health & Safety consultants in Perth will help you assess, implement and optimise robust systems across your entire business.

Tailored WHS solutions

 At RecruitWest, we take the time to understand your organisation, culture, and operational needs. Our tailored WHS solutions are designed to seamlessly fit and solve your specific challenges, ensuring you meet all legislative standards and operate a safe work environment. We offer:


Industry-specific service

Our Perth based Workplace Health & Safety consultants have experience working across all manner of industries, including construction, manufacturing, mining, and logistics


Innovative approaches

Need a specific task We leverage the latest technologies and best practices to help make your systems more efficient with affordable solutions.


Ongoing support

Our relationship doesn’t end with the rollout of WHS. We can provide ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement and compliance, including regular inspections and more.

What you get with RecruitWest

The modern workplace is ever-changing, and maintaining WHS is a constant journey. SMEs in particular tend to underperform when it comes to WHS as it’s often seen as an obligation, rather than an opportunity. Our Perth Workplace Health & Safety consultants will help you do WHS the right way and see tangible benefits for your business. We can assist with:

  • Identifying hazards and potential risk
  • Workforce health and safety development
  • Preventative measures
  • Safety leadership initiatives

Ready to engage WHS experts? Get in touch today.

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