You can register with RecruitWest in any of the following ways which suit your circumstances.

  • Apply to any of our available positions using Job Search.
  • Complete a Registration Pack using Register with RecruitWest.
  • Visit our offices between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and register in person.

Your résumé and details will be placed on our database, and we will endeavour to match your skills with current vacancies. Your details will be retained indefinitely on our database unless requested otherwise.

Yes. Buses 30, 31 and 32 from Perth Esplanade Busport stop in Como, within a 2 minute walk of our office. The nearest train station is Canning Bridge, approx 20 min walk from our office.

Our payroll is run each Wednesday for hours worked the previous Monday – Sunday.

  • Timesheets must be submitted to RecruitWest before 1:00 PM on Monday.
  • Your pay will be deposited into your nominated account by close of business (5:00pm) every Thursday (weekly), unless otherwise advised.

Absolutely. If your skills match the job requirements, then your location does not matter. It must be understood that all transport costs to and from WA are at the employees’ own cost.

The White Card is a WA safety induction for personnel working in the Construction industry. The course can be completed online in 1-2 hours. Refer to Frontline STS (below) or Blue Dog Training (below) for further information.

Most organisations in the Mining industry require a Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence.


Our candidates will not be presented to you unless they have completed our full assessment process. This includes pre-screening of resume, right to work, qualifications and licenses, followed by our registration process including the collection of personal information, medical questionnaire, and safety questionnaire.

Once a candidate has completed the above, they are invited for an interview with one of our consultants and assessed in the suitability for the role and the match the criteria you are seeking in the person for that role.

Background checks are completed and a final assessment is made by the consultant on whether the candidate is suitable to present for your role. Sometimes we will present people who do not meet all the criteria, but we believe they are suitable based on our findings and you will receive a brief on all our findings.

How long is a piece of string! So many factors influence our ability to source an employee for you. In general, we know within 48 hours (about 2 days) of running our resourcing campaigns the potential timeframe of securing a suitable employee. Our continuous programs of resourcing in these timeframes.

In today’s employee market, we use a multitude of channels to source applicants. Our biggest asset is our database, which holds more than 95,000 applicants and 15,000 registered candidates. We are continually processing people in the database via direct campaigns and contact. In addition, we top up through job boards, social media, community networks and referral programs.

Our services vary from client to client and are designed considering your size and structure. We are very transparent with our costing structures for both Contract Labour Hire, Contract Hire to Permanent and Permanent Workforce Solutions.

Our Contract Labour Hire rates include the Statutory Cost associated with Payroll (Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Insurance and Long Service Leave) and a Fixed Margin that covers internal costs. Adopting a fixed cost reduces cost creep if the Pay Rates are increased.

Depending on the role, industry, site and mobilisation requirements, you can expect mark-ups on pay rates anywhere from 30% to 50%.

Our Placement options for employing someone via RecruitWest vary and can be on a Set Fee, Amortise Fee or Consulting Fee basis. We do not calculate our fees on a percentage of salary basis, preferring to work on a consulting fee basis which varies depending on the time and resources we believe are required to source for the role. We request an engagement fee to facilitate the service and account for this in the final cost invoiced once an employee is engaged.

Helpful Links



Training courses for Mining & Construction

33 Hanwell Way, Bassendean WA 6054
08 9379 9999 08 9379 9888

AVELING is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (No: 50503) that specialises in the delivery of workforce development training and safety consulting services to those in the mining, resources, construction and light/heavy industries.


Blue Dog Training

18 Heussler Terrace, Milton QLD 4064
T 07 3166 3900   F 07 3166 3951

Start your White Card online today with Blue Dog Training and enjoy the experience of doing the White Card as and when it suits you, with slick professional customer service. Simply log on, complete the course, pay online, allow our staff to verify your identity, then access your Statement of Attainment online and your White Card will be in the first available post!


Frontline Safety and Training Services

13B Mummery Crescent, Bunbury WA 6230
T 08 9791 1961

What sets Frontline Safety and Training Services apart from many other training organisations is that their staff work in the industry as Safety and Training Consultants. This gives them current and real industry experience. They have been operating as an RTO and Safety Consultancy since 2001 and are well-experienced in many industry areas.