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Every business is different – but every business is made up of people. The success of your organisation hinges on a well-managed workforce, where every team member can contribute effectively to your business goals. Our human resource consulting services in Perth offer exactly that, helping you get the best out of your people and navigate HR processes efficiently so that your business can thrive.

Whether it’s WHS compliance, recruitment, employee engagement or strategic workforce planning, with our HR expertise at your fingertips you can tackle it with confidence. For your team, it’s an opportunity to continuously improve and progress in their career, and for your business, it’s an easy way to gain a competitive advantage.

What Makes Us Different

Leading human resource consulting solutions for Perth, Bunbury and across WA

We tailor our Perth human resource consulting services to meet the individual needs of your business. Through a wide range of services, we ensure your HR processes are efficient, compliant, and aligned with your strategic goals. These include:


Permanent Placement

Fill permanent positions with talent that brings the necessary skills to the role, aligns with your values and fits into your business culture. We source and vet permanent employees across all types of industries.


Selective outsourcing

Need a specific task completed? We’ll find talent that can help you with planning, resourcing, recruiting, selecting, onboarding, measuring and more. Plus, you can choose to be more involved in the recruitment process.


Enterprise outsourcing

If you’d prefer us to take care of the entire process, we offer a comprehensive outsourcing service where we design and manage recruitment end-to-end for you, from entry-level through to executive.

At RecruitWest, we’re dedicated to keeping your employees engaged, committed and productive – and enhancing the way you manage their performance.  From talent acquisition strategies that help you bring in the strongest Perth candidates to planning your workforce for future staffing needs and ensuring you have the right people in the right roles, our human resources consulting team will become an invaluable go-to resource for your business.

HR consulting vs in-house

There are many advantages that a human resource consulting specialist like RecruitWest can bring to your organisation, whether it’s based in Perth, Bunbury or elsewhere in WA.

  • Cost efficiency – Save on the costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house HR team. Consulting services provide access to experienced professionals as you need them, which is often better for your bottom line.
  • Expertise – Benefit from the specialised knowledge and diverse experience of HR consultants who understand best practices and have worked right across industries including logistics, manufacturing, mining and construction.
  • Flexibility – Access tailored HR solutions that can be scaled up or down based on your business needs, without the long-term commitment of additional full-time staff. When your requirements change, simply change your arrangement to suit.
  • Objectivity – Receive unbiased insights and recommendations to improve your HR processes and strategies from a practised third eye, free from internal politics.
  • Time savings – With consultants handling complex and time-consuming HR tasks and projects, you can free up your management team to focus on core business activities. And put more focus on your broader organisational goals.

Why choose RecruitWest?

Since 2001, we’ve provided businesses in Perth, Bunbury and across the state with dependable and efficient human resource consulting. Our consultants understand the nuances of various industries, with an average of 15 years of experience each. We’ll get to know your business and become an indispensable part of your operation.

By partnering with us, you’ll gain the insights and expertise that you need to grow sustainability. Our team can help you streamline HR processes, improve your employee retention (and attraction), develop robust and effective recruitment strategies, and make sure you comply with all relevant labour laws.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch today.

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