Considering labour hire in Perth or Western Australia and how it may help keep business running more smoothly when your company needs extra short or long-term workers?

Finding the right staff is a challenge in any market but, with skilled labour shortages now the norm across most industries, on-boarding ideal team members is tougher than ever.

For medium-sized companies, engaging a labour hire firm to provide a labour hire workforce or individual workers (including FIFO workers) makes good business sense and maximises your resource budget.

When do Perth and WA companies use labour hire firms?

Using a labour hire agency to find and deliver the workers your company needs has many benefits. In particular, it can help:

  • Meet a company’s need for increased labour during peak seasons or unexpectedly busy periods
  • Cover the demand for higher staff requirements related to undertaking a project, including where the project may be completed earlier or take longer than anticipated.
  • Provide workers to cover full-time or part-time employee absences
  • Deliver the right worker more readily in a tight labour market

Even with a dedicated HR team, meeting endlessly changing labour needs is no easy feat for companies.

On the other hand, labour hire agencies are experts at recruiting the right worker for the job, quickly, freeing up site and operations managers, directors, general managers and even HR managers, to focus on more crucial tasks.


What are the benefits of using labour-hire firms?

Labour hire firms exist to provide workers (including labour hire FIFO workers) to an organisation when they need them, which is not necessarily permanent.

These workers are not employees of your company. Instead, your organisation has a work agreement with the labour hire agency, and the agency is obliged to meet any employee rights and entitlements.

In short, using a labour hire firm is like having your own on-demand recruitment team or HR department.

Finding human resource for set budgets and projects.

What makes using a labour hire firm more suitable for many SMEs is flexibility, in that they don’t have to know how long they will need a worker for at the outset.

If a project wraps up early, they aren’t caught out paying for a staff member they no longer require; they let the labour hire company know the worker is not needed. If a job runs longer, companies don’t need to spend time drawing up a new employment contract – they let the labour hire agency know the new time frame for the project.

If your business experiences change in demand for staff, whether it be seasonal, trend or project-based peaks and troughs, the flexible nature of labour hire is ideal.

Choosing a labour hire firm with great communication and high flexibility is essential in order to maximise the benefits to your organisation.

Getting the right personnel faster

Labour hire agencies like RecruitWest specialise in finding skilled workers; it’s what we do all day.

At RecruitWest, we have experience across a broad cross-section of industries, including mining. We boast an extensive registered database of pre-qualified personnel to draw from when devising labour hire solutions.

We spend time getting to know your organisation’s culture and understand its strategy so we get it right the first time.

When using a labour hire firm, companies who do unexpectedly find a particular worker isn’t a good fit for their organisation can notify the agency, who will replace them with another worker. Some businesses looking for permanent staff also use this process to assess the ‘fit’ of a temporary worker for permanent or full-time positions.

Flexible, fresh workforce

By tapping into labour hire resources, your company can access the talents of younger workers who think in a new way.

For example, many new generation workers are opting for part-time employment opportunities that provide them with a higher level of flexibility in their careers. They not only want to be able to move around with work and travel when the urge arises, they’re also interested in fresh experiences in the workplace so they can grow and learn from a variety of environments and diverse projects, all of which labour hire work provides.

Time efficiencies in the recruitment process

As the labour hire organisation sources and screens potential workers, manages contract terms with them and is responsible for paying them, there is a far lower administrative burden involved in finding labour for your company.

Labour hire agencies can even support the onboarding process for workers, including assisting with relevant training. At RecruitWest, we can even manage the workers we put in place for you on-site.

Labour hire Perth with RecruitWest

When you outsource the recruitment process to RecruitWest, it’s a collaboration.

Working with you, we customise our seamless process and services, and are committed to meeting your particular needs, budget and timeline for labour hire workers, including FIFO workers.

Best of all, we can use our expertise and efficient systems to scale up at any time, should you need more labour at the drop of a hat. In essence, we allow businesses to expand their recruiting abilities – and their productivity – without expanding their infrastructure.

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