In a tight labour market, outsourcing the job of securing the right talent to an RPO management consultant powers up your ability to deliver important projects on time and on budget.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – or RPO – saves Australian companies endless hours of hunting for candidates. Instead of doing it internally (while crucial tasks go undone, opening up risk), they hand the job to recruitment professionals.

Appointing RecruitWest as your RPO management consultant is like having your own HR department. If you already have your own team, but it’s a little stretched or struggling to find the ideal applicant, we can work alongside them. If you don’t have your own HR team, we can be them!

We use our time and resources, including our experienced recruitment experts and our deep database of pre-qualified skilled workers, to successfully fill your job vacancies, faster. We can handle the whole task or part of it. Either way, it frees up your staff to do what they do best, providing vital time and cost efficiencies.

RecruitWest bespoke RPO. Expand your recruiting abilities without expanding your infrastructure.

RecruitWest’s RPO Management Options

Since establishing ourselves in 2001 as a hiring partner for the industrial and resource sectors – and an alternative for job seekers – RecruitWest has worked extensively with mining, logistics and engineering-based businesses with 20+ staff across WA.

At RecruitWest consultancy, we offer 3 flexible, scalable RPO management solutions.

Permanent Placement (All industries)

This recruiting solution provides a company with permanent skilled employees aligned with its values, culture and team.

Selective (Manage Part of the Recruitment Process)

In this model, businesses selectively outsource specific tasks, such as planning, resourcing, recruiting, selecting, onboarding or measuring.

Enterprise (Manage Whole Recruitment Process)

This end-to-end approach allows us to design and manage the entire recruitment process for your company.

What does the RPO process look like?

RecruitWest’s expert RPO management consultants use a cloud-based CRM and follow a global quality assured process when sourcing your new staff members.

Our RPO service is scalable and customised for each company’s budget, timeframe and needs.

Our 6 part process:


The role being filled, the company environment, culture and expectations, and the desired candidate’s qualities.


We source potential candidates harnessing the power of our established systems, processes, networks and database.


Applicants are qualified against the position criteria, company culture and values to ensure they can progress through the process.


Qualified candidates are interviewed by our team to personally assess their fit.


Before a job offer is made, reference checks are conducted on suitable candidates.


The preferred candidate is placed into the company.

RecruitWest. We get people.

Upsides of Using RPO Management Consultants

The upsides of using RPO management consultants are many and include:

  • Access to a larger talent pool to recruit from
  • Faster recruitment process
  • Frees up internal staff to handle key tasks
  • A quality assured process
  • Allows the hiring process to be easily handed over at busy times
  • Quickly meet unexpected project staffing requirements
  • Expert guidance can make future internal hiring easier
  • Access to better recruitment technologies and data
  • Gain a long-term hiring partner who knows your business well

At RecruitWest, we value the relationships we create and thrive on being an efficient, effective long-term hiring partner you can call on at any time.

RPO Management Consultant FAQs

Can you help companies employ just one person?

Yes, we are experts in sourcing one ideal candidate or we can find many staff to fill entire projects.

How long will it take to find the right person?

This is impossible to predict, as it’s linked to a variety of factors, however, usually within 2 days, we know the likely timeline for sourcing your employee.

Do you have a big database of candidates to draw on?

Yes, our database is our biggest asset, containing more than 95,000 applicants and 15,000 registered candidates – and always growing!

What fees do you charge?

It varies, depending on what your unique needs are, however, RecruitWest calculates all costs for our clients and charges a fixed rate fee for our professional services, making budgeting easier.

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