Recognised as one of the state’s best mining recruitment agencies, RecruitWest delivers premium mining recruitment services in Perth and across Western Australia.

If your company is looking for professional mining employment services, our helpful team can expertly assist you to find the best people for the roles you need filled.

If you’re a job hunter looking for Perth and WA mining jobs, including construction, exploration, production, process or logistics roles, we offer a range of flexible job and salary options, recruiting for leading mining companies and mining services contractors.

As a Perth-based full-service employment agency, our effective and efficient services encompass recruitment, labour hire, human resources, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and occupational safety and health (OSH).

So, if you’re a mining industry or resources company or a mining contractor looking for exceptional staff members who fit your culture, as well as being qualified for the job, get in touch now.

RecruitWest. Perth’s best mining recruitment partner.

Specialist mining employment services Perth

Harnessing our deep knowledge of WA and Perth’s unique mining sector and our vast experience in sourcing mining personnel and workforces, RecruitWest will consider numerous variables before recommending the best customised employment solution for your needs.

Our specialist mining employment services are not limited to, but may include:

  • Sourcing individual employees
  • Finding pre qualified skilled (or unskilled) contract workers
  • Delivering an entire casual workforce to site
  • Labour hire to permanent recruitment, where you can see if a temporary employee is the right fit for a permanent role
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing, where we handle the entire (or just part) of the recruitment journey
  • Onboarding

When you partner with RecruitWest, you get access to expert HR advice, support and services, as well as our growing database of prequalified mining industry workers.


Expertly recruiting for Perth & WA mining jobs

Our customised recruitment solutions pave the way for efficient and effective recruitment of outstanding workers (including FIFO) for a range of mining industry jobs in Perth and WA, including:

  • Dozer Operators
  • Excavator Operators
  • Civil Loader Operators
  • Heavy Diesel Mechanics
  • General Labourers
  • Grader Operators
  • Blast Crew
  • Production Supervisors
  • Site Administrators
  • Trainee Dump Truck Operators
  • Moxy Dump Truck Operators
  • Vehicle Servicepeople

Amidst the current skills shortageRecruitWest is making recruiting great staff simpler and faster for mining companies and contractors, ensuring internal team members complete time-critical tasks.

For workers, teaming up with us offers new adventures, employment flexibility and negotiable salary opportunities. Register as a job seeker with us today.

Mining recruitment services made simple

RecruitWest’s highly-experienced recruitment professionals and our flexible, scalable mining employment services are a powerful additional resource. We take the stress out of sourcing workers, so your organisation can focus on the key job at hand.

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Recruitment Agency FAQs

How much do mining recruitment agency services cost?

RecruitWest calculates all costs for our clients and charges a fixed rate fee. Contact us for details.

Do you offer mining jobs in Perth?

RecruitWest works for mining companies and contractors, helping them fill a variety of jobs in Perth and around Western Australia.

How extensive is your mining talent pool?

We’ve been in operation since 2001, and our deep database is filled with active job seekers, many with extensive mining experience and many more keen to join the mining industry.

Can you help with employee interviews and screening?

RecruitWest can handle all recruitment tasks, or just those your mining organisation can’t, or doesn’t want to. This includes pre-screening, interviews, job ads, reference checks, medical, drug and alcohol screening etc.

Get in touch with us today.