As a client of a labour hire company, you may be wondering what is the best way to utilise this relationship to the benefit of your business. Perhaps you’re thinking, “how can I get the best from my labour hire company?”. As hundreds of companies each year invest their trust in labour hire organisations, they must consider how best to use this valuable resource.

Be Specific & Detailed

One of the foremost ways to make the most of your labour hire company is by being direct and specific about your needs. Not only does your labour hire organisation need to know the number of employees you’re looking for, they will need additional details to do a fantastic job for you. The more characteristics and requirements you provide a labour hire company, the better. When you’re seeking candidates for labour hire, you likely have a highly specific criterion, as well as important project requirements. Share these specifics with your labour hire company. Your labour hire company should know how many people you need, the estimated length of the contract, the job requirements, whether labour hire candidates need skills in a specific trade, and what the working hours or locations will be. Letting your labour hire company know if your candidates need any specialised skills can be very advantageous. Perhaps you need an expert welder, or someone with years of construction management on certain types of projects. Whatever your needs, big or small, share them with your labour hire company, to assist them in finding you the best workers for your project.

Be Consistent

One thing that can greatly help your labour hire company be successful in sourcing your top candidates is consistency. A business which is consistent in its values and communication is extremely useful for a labour hire organisation. Consistency helps build and maintain a working relationship; once a labour company is familiar with your style and needs, they will increase in their ability to match you with excellent labour. Consistency in terms of values is key. Maintaining a good reputation as a company which keeps its word, treats its employees well, and maintains good communication will be a company your labour hire group is anxious to assist. Communication is vastly important, especially in terms of large-scale construction projects, in which time frames and needs are flexible and may change at a moments’ notice. Your labour hire company knows your needs may shift and is well-equipped to handle these changes. Remaining in constant communication with your labour hire company is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best; giving them as much notice as possible with time frame alterations will assist them in providing the best possible workers.

Good clients always benefit from the labour hire company’s knowledge, and consistently top quality clients will continually be matched with the highest calibre candidates. In essence, be excellent, and your labour hire company will boost you up.

Provide Feedback

One way for your labour hire company to know they’re doing a good job is through client feedback. Be active in your relationship with your labour hire company, letting them know when job placements have been a success or when they’ve failed to meet the mark. Through this constructive criticism, your labour hire company will learn what works and what doesn’t and will improve in their service to you and your business. Positive feedback is always an excellent way to improve the quality of service you’re receiving, and your results will thrive when you are clear about your expectations.

Build the Relationship

Get to know the key players at your chosen labour hire company. Through developing term relationships, it can be a win/win for all.