First things first on this article if the title doesn’t get your attention nothing will! Apart from this article being written in a very stereotypical American format which isn’t normally for me I like most of what is written here.

Villains, utility belt and what they translate to in the workplace are all a good spin on what we either try to ignore or simply forget about while at work. The article is also clever to point out that the early school stages don’t really give us a good footing of what’s to come later in life. I’d love a mid-afternoon nap in work hours but let’s be honest, that’s just not going to happen!

Is there currently people in your workplace causing issues that should be dealt with but have become the “norm” and “acceptable”? Do you have a “Robin” or two who don’t get the appreciation, credit or even just recognition for the good work they do? These are HR based questions that for so many companies and / or managers just simply don’t get asked and really are issues we should be paying attention to each and every day.

The article is great for getting you to think about your day to day workplace and colleagues, different ways to think about the people who surround you and what tools you have or should have to help do your job! Simple yet stimulating and one I certainly think is worth the read to stimulate thoughts around these areas.

Happy reading and I’d love feedback on what your thoughts are on the article and what it got you thinking about!

Forget Kindergarten! I Learned About Workplaces From Batman!