When writing a CV it’s important to include the right information so the person reading your CV can see at first glance why you are a strong candidate for the job.

Below is a list of very important information that should be present in your CV.

Personal details
Most CVs start with these but take care to avoid superfluous details, such as religious affiliation, children’s names and so on. Keep it as simple as your Name, location, email address and contact number.

Education and qualifications
Take care to include the names of institutions and dates attended.

Employment History
The most widely accepted style of employment record is the chronological CV. Career history is presented in reverse date order starting with most recent. Achievements and responsibilities are listed against each role.

A clear structure of how the experiences is listed as well as dot pointing your experience will make it clear and easy for the person reading your CV.

Include computer skills and any other recent training/development that is relevant to the role applied for. Dot pointing is a good method stick to.

Tickets and licenses are important to list if applying in the Blue Collar field. Again, dot pointing is a good method stick to.

You can list your references if you wish, alternatively these can simply be ‘Available on request’.

Hobbies and Interests. Keep this section short.

See a snapshot photo attached for an example of a RecruitWest formatted CV.11212702_1122178657799410_403257935124597101_o