Writing a Cover Letter is sometimes just as important as your CV, depending on the job you are applying for. Including the right information is crucial and outlining the criteria that you match from the job advertisement shows you have read the ad and done your research.

Sometimes you may not need to submit a Cover Letter. If you are applying for short term, contract positions in the Blue Collar sector, they may not be needed as your CV should clearly show your competency to do the tasks required in the advertisement.

This is purely your choice and you can submit a Cover Letter if you wish.

Below is a list of what could be included in your Cover Letter and snapshot photo attached for an example of a RecruitWest formatted Cover Letter.

– Keep it short
– Address what you are applying for (and where you found the job)
– Dot point their main points that you match in their advertisement
– Showcase the benefits and what you can offer
– Add a personal touch

See a snapshot photo attached for an example of a RecruitWest Cover Letter.