Being able to openly communicate with your colleagues will create great working relationships that will be fun and in turn, lead to high productivity.

If there is one bad apple, it can hurt the enthusiasm of the entire office. So what is open communication? In a nutshell, open communication occurs when all parties are able to express ideas to one another, such as in a conversation or debate.

In this article, I have listed a few benefits of using open communication in the workplace.

Improves Productivity

Open communication will lead to better productivity because when people care about the people they work with, and the work that they do, things get done faster.

Transference Of Information

This allows you to know where you stand in the company and what your expectations are. Openly discussing what needs to be done and given accurate guidelines means it can’t be open for misinterpretation.

It Provides You With Knowledge On How You Are Doing

Praise benefits everyone. Being told how you are going can only be told in such a way that if the communication is closed, it won’t feel like praise at all and you may come across as if you have to provide this feedback rather than wanting to provide it.

Interaction Benefits Us!

Imagine a job without any interaction with anyone. Bleak, I know! So when it comes to interaction, having open communication while interacting with your colleagues will not only win you friends in the workplace, it will give you the ability to obtain the outcomes you desire in and outside of work.

By La Toya Galea
Recruitment Assistant