The ability to ‘rise above’ the other applicants is imperative when applying for any sort of job.
And as a prospective labour hire employee, it becomes even more important.
This is because when it comes to hiring new staff – employers are always looking for the ‘best of the best’.
Of course, responsibilities and requirements vary based on industry, position, and company size.
However, there are some qualities that remain constant among almost all potential employees.

So, to help prospective candidates and anyone else interested in the labour hire market, here are the six important characteristics that make a good labour hire employee.
These are the qualities that research has shown employers are always looking for:

1. Great communication
Good communication is at the forefront of everything we do in today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, it is imperative your CV highlights your ability to communicate well with co-workers, superiors, and customers. You can also demonstrate these skills at interview by exhibiting a friendly, professional demeanour, and an ability to speak clearly and accurately.

2. Positive attitude
This is hugely important when it comes to getting a job in any industry. All employers want to work with someone who is positive and optimistic, and even though you may lack experience, your positivity will often override other applicants who may have the required skills, but are negative or difficult.

3. Flexibility
As workplaces change and grow, a labour hire employee’s flexibility is enormously important. Your ability to adapt and be flexible means you can think on your feet and adjust to new tasks easily. This helps keep the organisation running smoothly – even in the midst of major changes. Employers love to see this trait in their potential employees.

4. Ability to problem-solve
As well as flexibility, the best labour hire candidates need exceptional problem-solving skills. Employers want team members they can count on, and who can find solutions for day-to-day issues to help ensure the smooth running of their business.

5. Motivated and self-directed
Employers love candidates who are motivated and self-directed. If you can keep yourself on task, solve minor problems on your own, and find new projects that need doing, then you will be in big demand in the labour hire industry.

6. Good team player
Most jobs involve communicating with fellow workers, working alongside them, and collaborating on projects. Therefore, it is imperative you are a good team player who can handle collaboration, compromise, and joint responsibility.

There are some other handy tips that potential labour hire employees should remember when they are going for a job or approaching a labour hire agency.
These include:

1. Bring all necessary documentation
It is wise to bring along with you to any meeting a USB stick containing all copies of your certifications. These may range from your police clearance or white card to your drivers licence – depending on the job role.

2. ‘Keep your boots by the door’
Because the labour hire industry moves so fast, remember to always keep your phone with you. Should a client require additional manpower and needs you to commence work on the same day, this is essential.

3. Honesty is the best policy
Although most roles are on a contract basis, many clients will offer additional work or longer-term contracts for exceptional employees.
So remember to always be honest with the recruiter and notify them if you have any study, sport or after work commitments. Also, while it is important to have a good balance of work and other commitments, by being totally upfront with a possible employer, it may enable them to place you in a role that is even more suitable for your lifestyle.

In conclusion, by following some or all of the above guidelines your path to success as a labour hire employee should be much smoother, and the results achieved much greater.