There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be RPO providers. When RPO started to grow in popularity, just about every company that had anything to do with recruiting or recruiting functions added Recruitment Solution to their list of services. This can make it difficult for companies to understand what RPO is, and what an RPO engagement really looks like

In short, RPO is a way to create the platform to manage, engage, and empower your workforce, through the development of best practice and systems.

So what does RPO looks like? There are three basic types of engagement models for RPO:

1) Enterprise RPO Solution

Enterprise RPO is a comprehensive outsourcing approach where the chosen outsourcing company is responsible for the design and management of your entire recruitment process. It’s here where strategy comes into play to improve your employee brand and deliver employees who reflect your culture, are engaged, and add value to your business.

This section ensures that each element of your company’s recruiting is executed by people who specialise in recruiting and recruitment process outsourcing.

2) Selective RPO Solution

Many organisations find it attractive to selectively outsource some portions of the recruiting life-cycle that are highly transactional and require a high degree of scalability. Selective RPO is a service in which any of the tasks involved in planning, resourcing, recruiting, selecting, on-boarding or measuring can be outsourced.

3) On Demand RPO Solution

One month you may get a huge contract and need to staff up; the next month you may not hit your goals and need to decrease your staff size. On-demand RPO is an answer to this kind of rapid change. In an on-demand RPO engagement, companies have a contract-based engagement with a qualified RPO provider that knows the company, the company’s messaging, their processes and the results they need. The RPO provider is ready to step in whenever the company needs them. On-demand RPO engagements mean that if hiring needs suddenly increase, a hiring manager can pick up the phone and have the RPO company’s recruiters on the job, as if they were simply an extension of the hiring manager’s own team.

The three types of RPO engagements can be flexible based on your needs and RPO engagements can exist anywhere in the spectrum between the three. While the implementation of RPO solutions can be flexible, RPO do significantly more than piecemeal contingency or retained search, staff augmentation, and candidate research. RecruitWest specialise in the entire range of the recruiting process, giving our clients a breadth of resources and expertise that they cannot have on their own.