When filling in an Australian Tax File Number Declaration, we find the same two questions are asked by most candidates.

1) Am I an Australian resident for tax purposes (question 7)
2) Do I want to claim the tax free threshold (question 8)

In short, here are the answers that you should follow:

Question 7
Are you an Australian Resident for Tax Purposes?

– If you are an Australian resident, you would tick YES.
– If you are NOT an Australian Resident you would tick NO. (this includes candidates on Visa’s)

Question 8
Do you wish to claim the tax-free threshold from this payer?

– Tick YES to get taxed at a LOWER rate and have more money in your bank account each week.
– Tick NO to get taxed at a HIGHER rate and get LESS money in your account each week but more tax back when you do your return.

**Note – You must earn more than $356.00 per week in order to be eligible to claim the tax-free threshold.

**Note – If you have already ticked YES for your current job, you must tick NO for your second job. In other words you can NOT claim it twice.

For a more detailed description, have a read from the ATO website: