Labour hire agencies provide invaluable support for short or long-term vacancies in your operations or management team – from site administration through to the Senior Site Executive. Indeed, not many people realise the range of personnel that are available to fill all positions. These include operational and specialist staff for major mining and industrial operations and construction projects, project managers, trade-qualified personnel, boilermakers, fitters and construction staff.

Labour hire companies usually deal with jobs on a contract-type basis – and contracts may be casual, temporary, full time or for a fixed period. Note there is often a thin dividing line between contract and temporary jobs, as they may sometimes be almost one and the same. In recent years, there has been a trend for many companies to ‘outsource’ – and shift from full-time employees to contract workers. Therefore, many jobs today are contracted out; for example: building maintenance, catering, cleaning, computer installation, construction, and even parts of the manufacturing process. Many contract positions are also designed for specialists, in fields such as accountancy, computing, electronics, engineering and mining; and there is also a strong market for catering, cleaning and maintenance services.

The good thing about using a professional and well-credentialed labour hire agency is you are gaining access to some of the best recruitment tools available. This includes full screening and vetting of staff and employees to meet client requirements; as well as induction and prestart training, and a continuing relationship with clients and staff to ensure efficient performance. Labour hire agencies also provide highly trained consultants to manage the full recruitment process for you – as well as pre-screened candidates for all terms of employment.

The other good thing about an efficient and effective labour hire agency is it provides a comprehensive approach to recruitment – by matching a candidate’s personality and skill set to the work environment. This ensures placements are successful, and minimises employment-associated risks.
Labour hire agencies consult directly with your organisation to determine the best way forward in delivering a workforce or single employee. This includes some of the lesser-known areas of employment – such as administration, payroll and clerical positions.

Other less well-known areas of employment handled by labour hire companies include mailing, transportation and logistics, warehouse, data entry, manufacturing and call centre industries. Because these are exciting industries that are constantly innovating, they are in constant need of capable and dedicated employees. And because labour hire firms use a strict process to vet and hire workers – companies have peace of mind knowing the quality of the workers they receive is second to none. Also, as a matter of course, good labour hire companies conduct employee background checks and resume reviews – ensuring each client is given a full work history before they ever take on an employee.

And when it comes to casual employment, labour hire agencies have the expertise in temporary labour hiring which helps employers fill seasonal demand or short team projects. Some of these projects may be industrial – and include such areas as warehouse and distribution and manufacturing as well as logistics and supply chain production. And the beauty of using a labour hire firm is they can also provide, where needed, induction or training for staff – ensuring they are ‘job-ready’ on commencement – and constantly kept updated on new developments in equipment, processes and the workplace. And they can do all this at short notice, if required – with no job too big or too small.

Therefore, when considering your next move in the employment arena, it pays to always use experts with years of experience in the labour industry. The benefits are clear – and the results will help grow your business – and create a happy and productive workforce.