Recruitment Process Outsourcing (“RPO“) is to Permanent Placement as UBER is to the Taxi Industry.

At first I was skeptical of UBER as a Competitor to the well-established Taxi Industry. How could it possibly work? What were the benefits?

Discovering that UBER was easy to use, and that the service delivery was in complete contrast to what I knew, was refreshing, and the people behind the wheel were friendly and motivated by Customer Service. The time it takes to book a car, from order to pickup, was far quicker, and the service cost was far cheaper. These factors not only enticed me to try the service, it is now my preferred service.

The use of RPO in comparison to Permanent Placement is similar in a lot of ways.

RPO can be used in a variety of situations and is easy to deploy, from one-off placements to large scale projects.
Benefit: Flexible and Agile = The freedom to turn it on and off like a tap, perfect for projects or spikes in the workforce plan.

RPO aligns to the culture and values of your Company, and it takes the Human Resources and Recruitment experience of an RPO Provider to deliver genuine Employees, rather than delivering a random selection of résumés that resemble a job description.
Benefit: Quality Assured Processes = Better engagement and retention through aligning Company values to Employee values.

RPO utilises technology to broaden the reach of potential Employees through a variety databases, social media sites, and networks, not just an add in the local paper.
Benefit: Multi-Platform Resourcing = Improved Candidate quality and speed of delivery.

RPO costs are time-billed, which means that you only pay for the time it takes for an experienced Recruitment Consultant to manage the Recruitment process to the level you need, and during that time, they are ONLY working for you – not trying to juggle several Clients at a time.
Benefit: Time-Billing = Cost savings of up to 50% on a single Placement Fee.

A good RPO Provider will embrace and reflect your Company’s culture, align with your values, and be a representative of your Company throughout the Recruitment process. Like UBER, the impact of delivering good service in a timely and cost effective manner will assist you in driving your Employee engagement and retention, and provide you with a positive return on your investment.

Brad Pense (Managing Director)