Taking the time to focus on employee engagement and motivation might seem like a waste of time to some, after all- shouldn’t an employee’s motivation simply be to hold down a job and be regularly paid for doing so? Perhaps in yesteryear that was the way of the world, however in today’s working environment keeping employees motivated and engaged will have multiple benefits for your company.

Why is it important?

Keeping your staff motivated is important for a number of reasons- in particular it should keep productivity and output high and staff turnover low. A workforce that is committed to set of goals and are motivated through management and senior staff to achieve those goals are obviously more likely to remain buoyant and dedicated to producing quality results.

The other side of the argument is why should employers have to motivate employees? Isn’t having a job in a rough economy and being paid on a regular basis not enough? In short- no it’s not. It’s very easy to become stale and withdrawn if you’re doing the same thing every day, which most people do. Sure there are exceptions and you’d hope that most people like their job enough to put in an above average effort but with a few tips and a bit of support and encouragement- that above average effort could be a whole lot more for a longer period.

How do you motivate your employees?

There are many ways to motivate a group of people- but below are three principals to keep in mind.

Appraisal and Recognition

Good work should always be acknowledged- regardless if it’s ‘part of the job’. Taking the time to formally (through an award or presentation) or informally (by email or in passing) to recognise the efforts and work put in by staff will ensure they want to keep doing a good job.


Sounds like an odd one but honesty in the workplace is a great motivator. If staff know where they stand, what’s required of them and what’s expected then you have a foundation to build your motivating strategies around.

Goals & Targets

In addition to remuneration, set aside some business friendly rewards for the achievement of goals, KPIs and milestones – but always remember to be honest, if you put it out there you have to follow through- so ensure rewards are reasonable but also worthwhile and in perspective.

Chris Cantatore
Senior Recruitment Consultant