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If you’re a logistics specialist or skilled tradesperson experienced in logistics-related roles, teaming up with RecruitWest’s proficient labour hire team will pave the way for you to scale your career and embrace more flexible work options.

As a leading West Australian recruitment agency, we are dedicated to placing skilled logistics workers into roles that make the most of their talents. Whether you want to work at a port, in a warehouse, on a construction or mine site – or in another busy logistics or supply chain space – we have a range of positions available.

At RecruitWest, we partner with established companies across a broad cross-section of industries (including in the mining and FIFO sector) and focus on bringing great people and great workplaces together. We carefully assess each organisation’s culture and strategy and seek to place you in the full-time or part-time role that best fits your experience, talents and personal preferences.

Perth & WA logistics roles with RecruitWest

When it comes to logistics roles in Perth and WA, RecruitWest is ready to help get your career moving.

We work hand in hand with leading SME’s searching for logistics professionals and skilled tradespeople, and can offer you flexibility, variety and positions that harness more of your potential.

We have a variety of key roles we regularly seek to fill. Examples include:

  • MC drivers
  • Crane operators
  • Riggers
  • Forklift operators
  • Yard hands
  • Warehouse store persons
  • Transport drivers

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The logistics and supply chain sector is growing worldwide and in Australia – and becoming an increasingly critical industry – making logistics careers ideal for talented professionals with an eye on the future.

At RecruitWest, our experienced work placement and labour hire recruitment consultants can provide expert support that expands your opportunities, growing your skills faster to set you up for the years ahead.

Not only can we help logistics and supply chain professionals find fulfilling roles that make a difference across a variety of industries, but we also provide them with a higher level of flexibility in their careers, allowing them to travel, study or take time off as required.

Labour hire logistics and supply chain specialists are in high demand in Perth and WA, so let us help move you into the right roles for you.

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