Often in the job market it is more common for employers to emphasis what they are looking for in an employee, after all they are who will be paying your salary, so it is vital they get the best fit for the business. But what about what the employee wants? The relationship between employer and employee must mutually beneficial for long term success. Here are four areas employees may look for from an employer.

Fair Remuneration
The West Australian workforce is certainly a ‘buyers market’ at the moment. With more people looking for work than positions available, hourly rates have dropped in some industries and while there is nothing wrong with letting the market dictate the rate, employers should keep in mind that paying a little above market value in tough times will separate the company from their competitors and when the cycle swings the other way, the company should have the respect and loyalty of the workforce.

Just behind a fair wage, honesty may be the most important aspect for any prospect employee. It’s not suggested that companies reveal all their plans and movements but when it comes to the individual- being open and honest about what’s expected of them, job security and the cultural and financial status of the organisation is vital. Once there is a breakdown of trust between employer and employee it makes for a bleak future.
Progression and Development
Of course most employees want a job that offers the opportunity to develop and progress into bigger and better things, however progression and development is not just for the individual. Employee’s also want to see company growth. If an organisation can show its commitment to being innovative and growing it is more likely to attract the right staff.

Work Life Balance
Living in the information age means that news and alters arrive in real time. No longer are we bound by geographical or time zone limitations and with that comes the ever increasing pressures of always being available. There has been a shift in that many people see their working day much longer than 9 to 5. It may be catching up on work at home or answering emails and phone calls after hours. Employees still want a work life balance. So, linking with the honesty aspect, be upfront with what’s expected from an employee both during work hours and after- but always remember that people need time away from the phone and computer.

All the above may seem like a no brainer, however a deficiency in just one of these areas could see a downturn in morale and even lose a company its most important asset- the staff!

By Chris Cantatore
Senior Recruitment Consultant