With 1 in 10 workers engaged in Australia’s construction industry, it’s the third largest employing sector in the nation.

That equates to about 1.3 million people working in construction jobs and careers within more than 445,000 businesses nationally.

The construction industry is, however, experiencing a severe shortage of skilled staff and, coupled with a materials shortage and rising prices, it’s posing many challenges for the booming market, leading to long wait times for homes to be built and delayed projects.

While the negative impacts of this workforce issue are already being felt across the country, if the demand for labour isn’t met, Australia could be facing an even greater problem. That’s because the country’s population is tipped to rise by more than 50 percent by 2060, creating the need for significant new construction projects to deliver housing and critical infrastructure.

Construction careers a sure bet.

The Civil Contractor Federation WA predicts that WA civil construction needs 3,900 additional workers to help deliver a strong pipeline of projects.

New people will need to take up a career in construction, and the building sector will also have to prioritise retaining current workers. There are also workers ageing out of construction jobs and into retirement, and they must be replaced by emerging talent.
In WA, where many people are experiencing significant delays in having new homes built, the State Government allocated more than $47.6 million to boost the construction workforce in its most recent Budget. The Government says it is to help “accelerate delivery of the current pipeline of homes, as well as expand industry capacity to deliver new housing supply to keep pace with population growth in WA.”
In a nutshell, Australia’s construction market is set to employ more people than ever in the years ahead, and demand for these workers is not expected to ease any time soon – not even with all the emerging AI!

Upsides of construction jobs

Construction jobs are a secure and financially sound present and future career choice for people already trained to be part of the sector.

For those considering joining the industry, there are many opportunities too. Obtaining the relevant skills now is a smart move to build a future-proof construction career and pave the way for financial certainty.

As the construction industry in Australia is booming, qualified and experienced workers can earn well in excess of $100,000 a year.

The sheer size and nature of Australia’s construction industry means the sector offers a variety of engaging roles. A construction career can, therefore, be built around your personal strengths, whether that be operating machinery, labouring, or managing people.

It’s not just permanent roles that are on offer in the sector; there are many subcontractor opportunities, which offer much flexibility and can help deliver a superior work-life balance.

The variety and evolving nature of work in construction paves the way for a career that is exciting and challenging and allows for professional growth.

Vacant civil construction jobs

In WA, there are many temporary, permanent, part-time and FIFO construction jobs vacant. Positions are available across all parts of the Perth metropolitan area and in regional areas, offering professional, well-paid construction job opportunities.

As a leading West Australian recruitment agency, we’re dedicated to placing skilled workers into roles that make the most of their talents and focus on bringing great people and great workplaces together. We carefully assess each organisation’s culture and strategy and seek to place you in the role that best fits your experience, skills, and personal preferences.

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We’re looking for people to fill roles such as:

  • Civil Plant Operators with GPS
  • Drainers
  • Excavator Operators
  • Labourers
  • Loader Operators
  • Multi Plant Op / Labourer
  • Supervisors
  • Leading Hands
  • Site Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Grade Operators
  • Dozer Operators
  • Loader Operators
  • Skid Steer or Bobcat Operators
  • Roller Operators
  • Water art Operators
  • Service persons
  • Heavy Duty Fitters
  • Auto Electricians

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