Employing the right workers is the key to a successful business.
And the best and most cost-effective way to do this is to use the services of a proven and respected labour hire company.
An efficient, competent labour hire company can create a ‘win-win’ situation for your business by solving all of your long and short-term labour needs – and generating both project success and client satisfaction.
The best labour hire companies can also provide you with a large pool of skilled workers – all of whom have undergone assessment and have prior employment references.
At RecruitWest for example, through our database, we can quickly and efficiently provide you with workers who are already assessed and able to start immediately.
And because every client’s needs are different, we are fully experienced in dealing with all facets of the labour hire system; ensuring you are totally satisfied with the outcome.
By utilising the experts, you can be certain the flexible, changing demands of your project are handled with professionalism and efficiency.
This is especially important considering the wide range of labour needs these days – and as casual, temporary, part-time and remote working becomes more and more widespread.
Here are some further benefits of using a labour hire company to help your business:

1. Quicker placements
Using a labour hire company provides quick and easy access to the best workers. This is especially beneficial to larger companies with massive projects in the works, and which require talent to execute the job on time. For these types of businesses, time is especially limited.

2. Lower overheads
Using a professional labour hire company can significantly reduce the amount of money companies need to spend on advertising, recruiting, training, and getting unskilled workers into the field. This also gives the business much more time to focus on the project itself.

3. Better access to skilled workers
Because labour hire firms have access to large databases of relevant employees, they can quickly fill labour gaps. Another advantage is they usually have workers on standby – so the role can be filled in no time.
They also use a strict process to vet and hire workers, including background checks, provision of a full work history, and resume reviews.
This ensures only the best quality, pre-approved workers are provided.

4. Easy solutions to staffing problems
Utilising a labour hire company allows a company to concentrate on the core areas of their business – the ones that make them successful. For example, the use of supplementary labour can help your business adjust easily and quickly to workload fluctuations. Also, by bringing in or removing temporary staff as needed, your business can cover any changes needed to its staff levels, such as absences or unexpected demands.

5. Reduction of risk by using temporary labour
It is well known that hiring a new employee is fraught with risk. Also, research has shown the total cost of hiring the wrong employee can work out to be three times their actual salary! The great thing about hiring temporary staff is you can engage them for only a short time to begin with – and then offer them a full-time position when you are certain they suit your business. Thus, using temporary labour is an excellent and cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before signing them on full-time.

6. Greater flexibility
Using a labour hire company allows your business much more flexibility in both choosing and retaining your workers. For example, imagine you have a special project that you don’t want to hire a full time employee to complete. A labour hire company can quickly find a suitable employee with the specialised skills required – and whom you can take on quickly, for a set period. Thus, there is no time lost in recruiting, training or familiarising the new member.

Finally, the beauty of using a labour hire company is we can offer all of the above benefits at a fraction of the cost of carrying out your own job search, and with minimal loss of productivity.